Shipping Services

thai shipping servicesThailand uses many different modes of transportation for its shipping services, including air, sea, and even automobile. Of course, air shipping services and sea shipping services would be used most often by companies who are exporting products to other countries. The use of cars would pertain mainly to local deliveries.

Many of Thailand’s exporters use professional shipping services when shipping items to different countries by air or sea. Individuals and companies within Thailand who need local shipping services may need air shipping services or, if the delivery is local, they can simply use car shipping services. Listed below are some Thai shipping services that provide shipping services both within Thailand and between Thailand and other countries.

Kintetsu World Express (Thailand) Co. Ltd

This company was founded in 1990 and has become a leader in the Thai shipping industry. This company ships by air.

World Freight Co. Ltd.

World Freight Co. ships by air and sea. They are one of the few companies that offer door-to-door shipping.

Asian Tigers Transpo International Ltd.

Asian Tigers was founded in 1973. This company helps people who are moving into and out of Asia. Asian Tigers offers safe delivery of people’s shipments.

Seaborne Logistics & Services Co. Ltd.

Seaborne Logistics is one of the leading providers in air and sea shipments. This company offers services worldwide.

V.A.S. Services Ltd

V.A.S. handles land and sea shipments. This company promises to have your shipment to the clearinghouse within 10 minutes, even in the worst traffic.

B and J Services – Specialist Heavy Transportation

B & J Services specializes in shipping heavy equipment.