Shipping Regulations

thai shipping regulationsIt is important when shipping items into Thailand — or any country — to make sure that you know the regulations of that country. When shipping items, it is important to know what can and cannot be shipped into that country. Thailand prohibits the shipment of firearms, pornography, gold and silver, radio equipment, medical equipment, and certain types of plants. Other items may be limited such as household appliances, vehicles, computers and tobacco products.

There are different regulations depending on which shipping method is used. Different shipping methods may allow some items that other methods do not. It is important to research what shipping method may be the right one for your item. For people who live in the United States, it may not be possible to send items through shipping services such as FedEx and UPS. It may be necessary to find a shipping company that will ship that item specifically to Thailand for you.

Be careful when picking items up in Thailand that have been shipped. There have been cases where a shipping receiver will keep your items or ask you for more money. One tip is to ask Customs if the company that you are dealing with is approved; if they say “yes,” then it is okay to go ahead and obtain your package through them. If they do not, then you can just go through Customs or find another shipping receiver. Another tip when shipping items is to bargain with the Customs person to not open your package. If they do open your package, more than likely they will find more items than you shipped in your package and ultimately you will have to pay more money.